Beyond Frontiers


BFA is founded in 2009 and manufacture only unique high-end components, based on hybrid technology. BFA products provide a blend of ultimate audio performance, timeless design and build quality, based on the latest technologies, open for future upgrades. The guiding philosophy is to develop products that reproduce, as close as possible, all the tiny nuances and emotion of the original performance.Each component is handcrafted.
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JK Acoustics


High end audio manufacturer from The Netherlands. JK Acoustics produces high quality audio products such as speakers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, DA converters and Audio cables. The development and production takes place entirely in-house.
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Tsakiridis Devices


Tsakiridis Devices produces “affordable high-end” audio equipment for music lovers all over the world since it was established in 1987. The mission, right from the start, was to make high quality audio equipment at a price/performance ratio that would set ours apart from the rest – equipment that really does sound good, is easy to live with and looks rather attractive too. That’s why all our products are hand crafted by us in Greece, using the highest quality components available.
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Zellaton Loudspeakers


By purchasing a pair of Zellaton loudspeakers, you are acquiring a piece of contemporary history. Zellaton rigid foam diaphragms have been a guarantor of the utmost in musical pleasure for numerous decades. Every loudspeaker we manufacture is one-of-a-kind, and every diaphragm is as unique as a gem. Several weeks are spent on hand-crafting the diaphragms alone. Moreover, we select the best-possible matches for each pair of loudspeakers.  All elements of design and production take place in Germany where we can assure unparalleled quality and performance. Learn more