The Absolute Sound reviews Zellaton Reference MkII

To begin with, the Zellaton Reference MkIIs don’t sound like any other dynamic loudspeakers I’m familiar with. Indeed, at their best, they don’t sound like loudspeakers at all. They simply haven’t got the usual metal, plastic, paper, ceramic, diamond, or carbon-fiber cone-in-a-box sonic signature. For better (and a bit of worse, as you’ll see in my full review), they are almost as colorless as the air in your listening room. Indeed, if you were to blindfold yourself (as a few of my online critics would prefer I do—and gag myself while I’m at it) and then try to guess what you were listening to, you would probably say an unusually neutral, three-dimensional, deep-reaching, full-bodied electrostat or, with select recordings of voices and instruments played back at the right volume levels, the real thing.”

Read here the full review of The Absolute Sound magazine of the Zellaton Reference MkII loudspeaker.

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